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Check out a few of the older posts and a few new as well!

Hi-Hi! If you have not checked back just yet, then take a look at a few of the older posts! There have been pictures and a video added for your delight! We are back in the United States, recovered from jet lag and have our class materials organized and working through our class research. The … Continue reading

Claude reporting from Balestrand, Norway!

C: Can I say just what a JOY it is to stay in a hotel! Hostels are not uncomfortable, but it is so nice to be pampered by room service and free breakfast! (Norway is super expensive!) In actuality, the hotel feels like a bed and breakfast. It is so homey and the owner took … Continue reading

7 Hours to Bergen…Farvel Oslo!

(C): Just in case you are wondering, “farvel” is goodbye in Norwegian! Although the language is so hard to read and speak, some things are universal! I appreciate that from the language makers/linguists of the world. Dr. McGrath’s fancy camera took some amazing stills on the train to Bergen. However, you will have to do with … Continue reading

Robbers also exist in Scandinavia….

For a place with such a low crime rate in relation to the US, of course, our group would be the one that would be hit with a crime. -_- Our worst nightmare came true to Trapper and Andrew, who were roommates at the hostel in Oslo. Trapper reports below:: T: Our only full day … Continue reading


   HI-HI!! 🙂 (As said in Scandinavia) Claudette, here, reporting from the city of Oslo Dr. McGrath planned our arrival to Oslo JUST right, as when we stepped off the ferry we were greeted with school bands and groups of people lining up for a parade to celebrate Norway’s Constitution Day. This day of celebration … Continue reading

Farewell Copenhagen

(C): Has it been FOUR days already? It is already time to say goodbye to such an amazing city! Copenhagen has so much history, so many different stories to tell. The city feels so ALIVE and I absolutely love it. The people we met, the places we’ve seen…I do not really want to leave. However, the overnight … Continue reading

Thoughts from Morgan and I…

Hi folks! This is going to be the entry by the girls of the group. In place of Trapper, Morgan is our guest for today’s blog post. She is concentrating on the political aspect of Scandinavia, where as some of us are looking from a economic or cultural perspective. M: We went and saw Denmark’s … Continue reading

Thomas Ring

OK America— if you have not already heard of Thomas Ring, then you NEED to now! He is last year’s contestant winner of Denmark’s X-Factor and is absolutely an amazing musician, song writer and performer. He definitely blew my mind, especially after hearing from his friend Maja, that a majority of his songs on the … Continue reading

The Sacking of Roskilde

(T): The day began with a roll out of bed from the previous’ night’s festivities, out meeting new friends in far away places. We got on a train to Roskilde, which is about 30 minutes outside of Copenhagen. The ride was through some of the nicest countryside I’ve ever been witness to, green and lush, with … Continue reading

A Castle on the Lake…

Hello again! C: It has been a jam-packed trip the past two days—from visiting the home of the former Danish monarchs, exploring the carefully planned and 3 dimensional gardens and topping it off with becoming viking sailors on a viking ship—and now that we are on day 3, we have much to catch up on! … Continue reading